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LISOF – Leaders in the Science of Fashion

lisof-fashion-designLISOF has earned the reputation of being the most progressive fashion school on the continent.
Besides our extensive experience in fashion education and training, and our drive to remain at the forefront of the industry, we prize innovation. And for innovation to thrive, individuality has to be honoured.
As Founder and Managing Director, Shana Rosenthal says, ‘In fashion, the idea of the perfect look has long since been left behind and replaced by a deep sense of individuality. Similarly, at LISOF, the individual is carefully nurtured according to his or her own unique talents, built upon a solid knowledge base of the fashion industry’.
The contemporary fashion arena is fraught with contradictions which we welcome as they open myriad possibilities. We encourage our students to unleash their unique creative talents to consistently produce design solutions that are both commercially viable and creatively successful – designs that will drive the fashion economy.
It’s no wonder that LISOF graduates are already at home in the lofty heights of the fashion industry. Whether your aspirations are directed at being a designer, a clothing technician, a merchandiser or anything in between, LISOF equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to make this happen.
Our fashion curriculum spans a broad range of subjects and disciplines that will give you a rich and diverse experience with local and global relevance.
Here are the details:
We opened our doors in 1993.
We’re based in Johannesburg & Pretoria.
We’re a close-knit community of 800 students, educators and support staff.
Courses offered at LISOF:
BA Degree in Fashion
Bcom Degree in Fashion
Diploma in Fashion
Higher Certificate in Fashion
Short Courses (6 months, Saturdays only)
JHB phone number: 0113261698
PTA phone number: 0123420069