This page contains Moshoeshoe Essay Exam Guide for History Grade 10 Learners (South Africa):

In the Essay, candidates should include the following aspects in their response:

Essay Introduction

Candidates need to explain how Moshoeshoe came to power and led to the Basotho nation or any other relevant introduction.

Body Elaboration Key Points about King Moshoeshoe:

  • Left his father’s home to set up his own chiefdom
  • 1824 – his followers were attacked by the Tlokoa
  • Forced to flee to Thaba Mosiu
  • His chiefdom began to grow
  • Gave them land
  • By 1840 – had 40 000 followers
  • Faced various challenges from Griqua and the Koras, white trekboers and Voortrekkers, missionaries and the British
  • 1843 – Moshoeshoe concluded a treaty with the British governor – agreed on a border for the Sotho kingdom
  • British went against the treaty
  • Led to fighting between the British and the Sotho
  • Twice the Sotho defeated the British
  • Bloemfontein Convention signed
  • British gave up their land to the Voortrekkers
  • Led to a series of wars between the OFS and the Sotho
  • More wars continued
  • Moshoeshoe asked British for protection
  • 1868 – Moshoeshoe agreed that the Sotho kingdom could become a British colony called Basutoland
  • Any other relevant response

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