Music Business Diploma course by COPA

Music Business Diploma course by Campus of Performing Arts


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The Music Business School is a market leader in delivering trained graduates into the heart of the Music and Media industries via its Higher Education Program.

This unique 360-credit qualification is delivered over a
Three Year period. Entry into this course is subject to passing a written audition.

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What does Diploma in Music by COPA covers?


This unique 360-credit qualification is delivered over a 3-year periodMODULES INCLUDE:YEAR 1:

  • Business and Artist Management
  • Music Publishing
  • Music and Digital Distribution
  • The Artist as a Brand
  • Music Industry Overview
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Ethics and professionalism in the music industry in SA


  • Music Law & Contracts
  • Music Marketing & Media
  • Entrepreneurial Practice
  • Business Ethics
  • Research Methods
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  • Action Learning Plan
  • Social and Applied Psychology
  • Record Company Structure and Management
  • Specialised Project


Diploma in Music (SAQA ID: 96373)

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