Music Composition and Production course by Revolution Media

Music Composition and Production course by Revolution Media


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The Composition course is an occupational & vocational training programme that is structured to train Learners as effective Music Professionals.

The Design of this qualification will enable you to progressively obtain 3 different certificates by Completing N4, N5 and N6 in Composition either separately with breaks in between, or in one extended study period of 18months and then apply the theoretical knowledge and skills learned in the workplace for an extended period. You will learn to work through all phases of the composition process, from generation of first ideas to completion of a professionally presented score, to interact with performers in rehearsals, culminating in a public performance of your work. This qualification enables the learners to be employed within the Music/Audio industry as Music Composers, Music Producers and Music Directors.

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What will you learn from this music course?

  • Operate fundamental MIDI Components for Sound Engineering
  • Understand Music Business philosophy and the role of Manager,Business Manager, and attorney
  • Understand how to create the control techniques needed for different sounds
  • Understand harmony & ImprovisationWrite and score for strings and woodwinds instrumentMix and Master a Song or Project
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