Music Degree course at Rhodes University if offered by Rhodes University Music Department, Faculty of Humanities.

The four-year BMus degree is intended for students who wish to pursue music as a profession. In order to be recognised as a teaching qualification it must be combined with the Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) offered by the Faculty of Education. Except as provided in Rules 14 and 15 of the General Rules, candidates shall not be admitted to the degree unless they have attended approved courses subsequent to their first registration as a matriculated student for at least four years. Students who wish to take more than the minimum number of BMus courses in any one year may do so, subject to the approval of the Dean of Humanities.

Requirement for studying this course

Foreign students should note carefully that late applications cannot be considered. The closing date for applications will be strictly enforced.

(a) All foreign applications will only be considered after the closing date of 30 September: Receipt of your application will be acknowledged and you will be notifi ed of the outcome of your application in October.

(b) Undergraduate students who have already completed their school-leaving examinations: International applicants may qualify for exemption through AEB or Cambridge examinations if they have two A level passes (A, B or C) or equivalent. It is not sufficient to pass in O levels alone. Application for exemption will be made through the University after registration.

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