My Child My Africa Questions and Answers pdf Guide

My Child My Africa Questions and Answers pdf Guide

My Child My Africa Questions and Answers pdf Guide: Harold Athol Lanigan Fugard is a South African playwright, director, actor, and novelist. He was born in the remote village of Middleburg and grew up in Port Elizabeth; His mother was Afrikaner and his father was from English, Irish and French Huguenot descent. His plays have political themes and are part of anti-apartheid ‘protest theatre’. During the 1980s, young people were leaders in the resistance against apartheid, especially against Bantu Education. Many children participated in the Struggle by boycotting school, with the slogan ‘Liberation before Education. Over time, the protests became more violent. My Children! My Africa! asks questions about whether or not this was right. The events in the play are based
on a real newspaper article in 1985 about a teacher who was necklaced (killed) because he was suspected of being a government informer. The play was first performed in 1989.

“My Children! My Africa! was greatly influenced by Fugard’s own experience as a white person in South Africa during apartheid. Like Isabel, the white character in the play, Fugard grew up with black South Africans working for his family, and was affected by the way others saw his relationship specifically to a worker named Sam with whom he was close. As an adult, Fugard worked with a group of amateur black actors in a ghetto outside Johannesburg, which got him interested in doing activist theater specifically critiquing segregation.” Cohen, Madeline. “My
Children! My Africa! Study Guide”. GradeSaver, 24 March 2017 Web. 3 February 2020 The play was written at the time apartheid was ending. While Fugard disapproved of the injustices of the South African government, he was against the disruption of the education of the Black child.

Contents of the Guide

  1. What happens and who is involved?
  2. Themes
  3. Style
  4. Diction and figurative language
  5. Tone and mood
  6. Question and Answers ( activities from 1 – 10)

Downloadable Pdf Guide (with Questions and Answers)

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