Natural Sciences and Technology Grade 4 ATP 2024 PDF Download

Explore a valuable repository of educational materials dedicated to Natural Sciences and Technology Grade 4. This resource provides access to the Revised Annual Teaching Plan (ATP) for the year 2024, presented in PDF format for each of the four terms: Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, and Term 4. Tailored for educators working within the Intermediate Phase, this comprehensive ATP covers the entirety of the Grade 4 Natural Sciences and Technology curriculum.


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Going beyond a mere teaching plan, this ATP serves as an essential Teacher Guide. It encompasses a year-long assessment guide, School-Based Assessments (SBA), Project Tasks, and Practical Assessment Tasks specifically designed for each term. This guide equips educators with the necessary tools to effectively teach and evaluate students in the crucial subjects of Natural Sciences and Technology. By utilizing this ATP, teachers can ensure that their Grade 4 students are not only well-prepared for mid-year assessments but also excel in their final examinations.

Table of Contents

Key Highlights:

  1. Holistic Curriculum: A comprehensive curriculum that covers Natural Sciences and Technology for Grade 4 throughout the year.
  2. Assessment Mastery: Detailed assessment strategies, including SBAs, Projects, and Practical Assessment Tasks.
  3. Focused Subject Matter: Guidance on essential Natural Sciences and Technology Grade 4 topics.
  4. Exam Readiness: Equipping teachers to thoroughly prepare students for mid-year and final exams.
  5. Educational Empowerment: A valuable resource empowering educators to enhance their teaching and assessment techniques.

Previous ATPs:

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Annual Teaching Plans (ATPs) are highly relevant for Natural Sciences and Technology Grade 4, as they align with the specific educational needs and curriculum content of this grade level.

Natural Sciences and Technology Grade 4 encompasses a diverse range of scientific and technological concepts that are essential for students’ development. These concepts include the study of various natural phenomena, the exploration of scientific principles, and the introduction to basic technological skills. Some key areas covered in the curriculum for this grade level include:

  1. Environmental Studies: Understanding the environment, ecosystems, and the impact of human activities on the natural world. This includes topics such as biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability.
  2. Physical Sciences: Introduction to basic physics concepts, including forces, motion, and simple machines. Students may also explore topics related to energy and electricity.
  3. Life Sciences: Study of living organisms, their characteristics, life cycles, and ecosystems. This may involve learning about plants, animals, and their interactions.
  4. Technological Skills: Introduction to technology and basic technological skills. This may include understanding simple tools, processes, and problem-solving using technology.

ATPs for Natural Sciences and Technology Grade 4 are designed to provide educators with a structured plan for teaching these complex topics effectively. They break down the curriculum into manageable units for each term, ensuring that all relevant content is covered. Additionally, ATPs often include assessment strategies and activities that align with the curriculum, allowing teachers to evaluate students’ understanding and progress in these subjects.

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In summary, ATPs are a valuable resource for Grade 4 educators, helping them navigate the comprehensive curriculum of Natural Sciences and Technology, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education in these essential fields of study.

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