Nsfas Allowance Money Allocations for 2020: Book, Meal, Accommodation, Personal care and Travel:

The 2020 NSFAS Allowances are as follows:

  • Once off Book Allowance – R 5 200 paid into student personal bank account
  • Meal Allowance – R 15 000 paid over 10 months (Feb – Nov) paid into student personal bank account
  • Travel allowance for students staying at home: R7500 over 10 months (Feb–Nov)
  • Accommodation allowance for students staying at Privately Owned Student Accommodation – R40 404 over 10 months

In February 2020, students will receive a once-off cashbook allowance of R 5 200 and a living allowance of R 1500.

Last year, NSFAS changed their policy to have book allowances for university students paid as cash rather than vouchers. Vouchers which were previously given allowed students to only make use of their allowances for books, stationery, laptops, etc. at NSFAS accredited stores. Now the allowance is paid as cash  to students via their NSFAS accounts. This has enabled university students to use their allowances for personal uses rather than educational purposes. What’s formally called, ‘learning materials allowance’ is now what students see as their own personal spending money directly from universities.

Very Important: All NSFAS funded students are required to open a bank account in order for allowances to be paid directly into their accounts.

For more, go to:http://www.nsfas.org.za/content/

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