Nursing, how long does it takes to study at Unisa

Do you know how long it takes to study Nursing course at Unisa? Well, let’s find out. Unisa is the largest open distance learning institution in Africa and the longest-standing dedicated distance education university in the world. Unisa enrolls nearly one-third of all South African students.

How long does it take to study Nursing at Unisa?

How long does it take to study Nursing at Unisa? To successfully complete Nursing Degree Programme you will need a minimum of three (3) years to study. At Unisa, learning involves the use of blended techniques such as integrated and mixed media, and courseware with various modalities for learning development, facilitation and support. Going forward, Unisa aims to harness the immense potential of information and communications technology to provide our students with an inherently online teaching and learning experience.

Nursing Qualifications at Unisa

Bachelor of Arts in Nursing Science

Master of Arts in Nursing Science

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