Open Learning Group



The Open Learning Group, also known as OLG, is a leading fully accredited, private education institution and an effective distance education enabler of choice supporting the teaching and learning journey for education institutions and achieving increased throughput of graduates within South Africa. Our aim is to foster a culture of progressive learning by enabling individuals to realise their career dreams so that they themselves are able to contribute to a better educated and skilled Africa.

Our purpose is to offer occupationally–directed logistics and supply chain management qualifications through a specialised pathway that is designed to improve the general calibre of individuals within their careers and to collectively benefit all stakeholders involved. OLG aims to position ourselves as a brand dedicated to fulfilling the training and research needs of the industry and to establish itself as an independent “Centre of Excellence” for the logistics and supply chain management sector.

OLG understands that logistics and supply chain management are essential skills that lie at the heart of any industry. It is a field that offers near unlimited scope in work experience and can accommodate people at any level of expertise – from new trainees to senior professionals.

This is why OLG offers a full range of specialised qualifications, from NQF Level 2 Learnerships to an NQF Level 7 degree.