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Business Studies Grade 10 Past Papers 2019, 2018 and 2017 BUSINESS-STUDIES-P1-GR10-MEMO-AFR-NOV2018-DDownload BUSINESS-STUDIES-P1-GR10-MEMO-ENG-NOV2018-DDownload BUSINESS-STUDIES-GR10-MEMO-NOV2018_Afrikaans-1Download BUSINESS-STUDIES-GR10-MEMO-NOV2018_English-1Download Memo BUSINESS-STUDIES-GR10-MEMO-NOV2018_AfrikaansDownload BUSINESS-STUDIES-GR10-MEMO-NOV2018_EnglishDownload BUSINESS-STUDIES-P1-GR10-MEMO-AFR-NOV2018-D-1Download BUSINESS-STUDIES-P1-GR10-MEMO-ENG-NOV2018-D-1Download

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