Physical Sciences Grade 12: Chemistry Mind the Gap Study Guide Download

chemistry grade 12 study guide

Physical Sciences Grade 12: Chemistry Mind the Gap Study Guide Download pdf: This Mind the Gap study guide helps you to prepare for the end-of-year
CAPS Grade 12 exam.

The study guide does NOT cover the entire curriculum, but it does focus on
core content of each knowledge area and points out where you can earn
easy marks.

You must work your way through this study guide to improve your
understanding, identify your areas of weakness and correct your own

To ensure a good pass, you should also cover the remaining sections of
the curriculum using other textbooks and your class notes.

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This is your year to pass with distinction!!!

Your meory plays a very importantpart in the learning process. In order for information to be stored in long-termmemory, it first needs to pass through your short-term or working memory. This stage of memory is limited in the amount of information it can retain. Information you receive in class must be written down or you will forget it. When revising from your textbooks, seek out the important information and write it down. Organise it logically. Reduce it to key terms or a form that is easy to remember. NB: Take online Quizzes and Tests for different Grade 12 Subjects on:

We have organised all grade 12 resourcesfor you so that youdont struggle. Check below very usefull resources for your studies even beyond Grade 12:

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