Register and Apply Online to study at Thekweni City (FET) College for 2020

Thekweni City (FET) College is a registered private which was established in 2010 as an empowerment institution offering a wide range of affordable and accessible business and management qualifications which are internationally recognized.


Reasons why you should study at Thekwini City College in 2020?

Thekwini College has Experienced Lecturers

Our lecturers are committed professional educators and have the requisite qualifications and experience needed to operate in this challenging and stimulating academic environment.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The college offers a range of courses that are highly marketable and meet the demand of today’s industries. Most of our courses are much sought after in the current work environment in our country.

Short Courses Available

Short courses including IT programmes as well as electrical upskilling courses are available to suit the high demand of the working class individual who does not have the luxury of full time attendance.

Flexible Learning Schedule

We have learning schedules specifically tailored for busy individuals who still want to extend their skills. We register students for both full time and part time tuition

Conducive Environment

Our lecture rooms are air-conditioned and well designed to provide ample space and a tranquil atmosphere that is conducive for studies.

Affordable Payment Plan

Our fees are very affordable. Payment plans and payment options can be tailor-made to meet the needs of individual students.


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