SANTS Private Higher Education Institution – 2019 Applications, Courses and Requirements


SANTS Private Higher Education Institution is in its 20th year of existence as a Private National Education and Training Service Provider.  Since July 2012 SANTS has been accredited by the Council on Higher Education and provisionally registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a Private Higher Education Institution. SANTS operates across the public education sector in South Africa from schools, FET Colleges to Higher Education and Training.

SANTS began its operations as a relatively small-scale organisation offering expertise to the newly reorganised Provincial Education Departments.  Over the next few years, it gained a number of contracts to present IN-SERVICE TRAINING programmes for these departments.  By 2001, with an impressive track record and increasing demand for our services, SANTS was able to grow and diversify. SANTS regularly enters into partnerships with related organisations for specific projects thus enhancing our own capacity and simultaneously facilitating the transfer of skills, knowledge and capacity to sister providers.