On this page, we will discuss the Seven Life Processes for Grade 7 learners Lesson:

Life processes are the series of actions that are essential to determine if an organism is alive – every single living thing known to humans performs these actions. The seven processes are both signs of life and vital for sustaining it.

While different living organisms may seem extremely different or potentially seem not to be alive at all, as long as they perform all seven of the following processes, we can identify them as a living organism.

List of Seven Life Processes

  • M – Movement – All living things move, even plants
  • R – Respiration – Getting energy from food
  • S – Sensitivity – Detecting changes in the surroundings
  • G – Growth – All living things grow
  • R – Reproduction – Making more living things of the same type
  • E – Excretion – Getting rid of waste
  • N – Nutrition – Taking in and using food





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