Seven Life Processes Grade 7 Lesson

On this page, we will discuss the Seven Life Processes for Grade 7 learners Lesson:

Life processes are the series of actions that are essential to determine if an organism is alive – every single living thing known to humans performs these actions. The seven processes are both signs of life and vital for sustaining it.

While different living organisms may seem extremely different or potentially seem not to be alive at all, as long as they perform all seven of the following processes, we can identify them as a living organism.

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List of Seven Life Processes

  1. Movement (M): This one’s easy – it’s all about how living things move. Think of animals walking or fish swimming. Even plants move in their own way, like when sunflowers turn to face the sun.
  2. Respiration (R): This is how living things get their energy. It’s like how you feel after eating a good meal and you have the energy to run and play. It’s not just about breathing; it’s about turning food into energy.
  3. Sensitivity (S): This is about noticing things around you. Like when you jump at a loud noise or when a plant’s leaves close up if you touch them. It’s all about reacting to changes in the environment.
  4. Growth (G): Everything that’s alive grows. You grow taller as you get older, right? Same with animals and plants. A tiny kitten grows into a cat, and a small seed can grow into a big tree.
  5. Reproduction (R): This is about making more living things. Like when your dog has puppies or when plants produce seeds. It’s important because it’s how living things make sure there are more of their kind.
  6. Excretion (E): This one might sound a bit yucky, but it’s just getting rid of waste. Like when you go to the bathroom. Plants do it too, in their own way, by getting rid of gases and other waste products.
  7. Nutrition (N): This is about taking in and using food. For you, it’s eating your veggies and other foods. Plants do this by taking in sunlight and nutrients from the soil.

These seven processes are what make something alive. They’re like the checklist for life! If something does all these things, it’s living.

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