Are there any School Subjects Needed for Photography Studies in South Africa

Are there any School Subjects Needed for Photography Studies in South Africa

The quickest answer to this question is that you don’t need any high school subjects to become an outstanding photographer. This is the reason why many photography schools and colleges don’t even require any particular APS score or particular subjects. In actual sense, any person who loves photography doesn’t require any sort of qualification to … Read more

Fundamentals of Photography Course offered by College of Digital Photography

photography course in south africa

Fundamentals of Photography Course offered by College of Digital Photography: This beginner’s photography course is designed specifically for a DSLR, Mirrorless or Bridge camera with full manual mode. It will ween you off that silly Auto mode and help you master all the buttons and functions – you will be shooting in manual mode in no time. … Read more

Photography Course at Unicollege

photography course at unicollege

Photography Course at Unicollege Opportunities abound for the visually inspired and creatively courageous.  UniCollege is the perfect environment to develop your artistic flair.  You will get expert tuition and training in processes and techniques. This introductory hobby course is ideal for those with an interest in photography as well as those considering photography as a … Read more

Digital Photography Course at UCT

university of cape town photographycourse

Digital Photography Course at UCT Online content featuring strong imagery gets 94% more views than those without. * Using high quality, original and contextually relevant images is key to creating a powerful story for your business or brand. Having an eye for unique settings and creating strong compositions will separate the credible photographer from the … Read more

What Equipment Do You Need to Become a Photographer in South Africa?

What Equipment Do You Need to Become a Photographer in South Africa

Photography is an art form that has the power to capture moments, tell stories, and evoke emotions. In the vibrant and diverse landscape of South Africa, where natural beauty and cultural richness abound, photography can be a truly rewarding profession or hobby. Whether you’re aspiring to become a professional photographer or simply looking to explore … Read more

How to Make Money with South African Stock Photography

How to make money with south african stock photography

Stock photography has become a lucrative avenue for photographers to monetize their skills and for businesses to access high-quality visuals for marketing and advertising purposes. South Africa, with its rich cultural diversity, stunning landscapes, and unique wildlife, offers a wealth of opportunities for photographers to capture captivating images that can be sold as stock photos. … Read more

Are Photographers in Demand in South Africa?

Are Photographers in Demand in South Africa

Is the world of photography burgeoning in South Africa? Are businesses and individuals increasingly seeking the expertise of photographers? South Africa, a diverse and culturally rich nation, is known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and a tapestry of cultures. It’s no wonder that photography has flourished in this beautiful country. From wildlife safaris to … Read more

How Long Do You Have to Go to College to Be a Photographer?

How long do you have to go to college to be a photographer

Is it necessary to spend years in a formal institution to master the art of photography? What role does college education play in moulding an exceptional photographer? Many individuals aspire to become photographers, whether as a hobbyist or as a professional career. One common question that arises for those considering this path is: How long … Read more