What High School Subjects are Needed to study Law in South Africa? There are no obvious required law subjects that you can take in High School. The same applies to other fields such as: Marketing, Social Work, Psychology, Journalism, Human Resources Management, and many others.

However, when it comes to law courses, English Language is very crucial. Your English grammar, as well as outstanding vocabulary, will make you an outstanding Lawyer who can present cases in a well-articulated manner. Whether you take English First Language or English First Aditional Language, it doesn’t matter significantly.

High School Subjects that are useful for Law studies in South Africa

  • History Subject
  • Business Studies Subject
  • Life OrientationSubject
  • English Subject

Minimum admission requirements to study Law Courses in South Africa

The admission requirements for law vary with different universities. The average university requires a 70% English Home Language or English First Additional Language, and a 50% for Mathematics (pure math or math literacy). Many universities will require a 65% average over all subjects.

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