Let’s look at The Impact of Migrant Labour System in Black Communities essay and how learners should write it through a guide.

Understanding the Migrant Labour System in Black Communities

Before we go further in terms of how you should write the essay, it is essential to first understand the current impact of the migrant labour system in the black communities of South Africa.

The migrant labour system – a system whereby casual unskilled workers move from one part of the country to another, in order to pursue high paying and sustainable work.

The migrant system in South Africa has highly been linked to the sad historic past of apartheid and racially segregated settlements. According to Vosloo, the migrant labour system was a historical system used to reconcile the conflicting need for cheap labour in the mines and cities, with the apartheid ideology that workers should not reside there on a permanent basis. As a result, black people were often confined permanently to the rural parts of the country where there are fewer economic activities, and could only go to work in the cities on a temporary basis.

For the sake of survival, black men were forced to leave their families to find job opportunities in the mines, construction, garden services, as well as any labour intensive jobs within the urban areas where white people lived. On the other hand, a significant number of women were also forced to migrate to urban areas to look for domestic jobs.

The Impact of the Migrant Labour System in Black Communities

The migrant labour system has left a huge dent in the black communities’ way of life. Some of the results of the migrant labour system include :

  • Segregation of South African black people
  • Poverty due to less paying jobs
  • Segregated families
  • Squatter camps and informal settlements
  • Hostels
  • Substance abuse

The Impact of the Migrant Labour System in Black Communities Essay Structure

As usual, your essay should include the introduction, the body and the conclusion.


  • Present the context o your topic
  • Provide the historical background on the migrant labour system
  • Give your essay a statement on why it is important to understand the impact of the labour system in the black communities

The Body

  • Core arguments and analysis
  • Present evidence (e.g. quotes) of what has been documented on the migrant labour system. Ensure you provide one main point per paragraph.


  • Summarise all your main points
  • Show the importance of your essay and the knowledge you shared,




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