The Importance of understanding the conditions of bursary acceptance

On this page, we will elaborate on the importance of understanding the conditions of bursary acceptance. It is very important to understand the conditions of a bursary that you would like to apply for. Different bursaries has a different set of conditions that an applicant has to meet.

A bursary is the money that you are awarded to enable you to complete your studies at a higher education institution. Bursaries are only awarded if you need financial assistance. Your performance at school can influence how much money you will receive.

Conditions of bursary acceptance

When applying for a bursary, be aware that some bursaries have strict conditions attached to them. These are called ‘contract bursaries’. For example, contract bursary may require you to work for the company that has given it to you when you are done with your studies. Contract bursaries are mostly common in the Mining and Engineering career fields.

The Importance of understanding the conditions of bursary acceptance

Understanding the conditions of a bursary before accepting, helps you with the following:

  1. You get to make fair comparisons between various conditions of different bursaries available
  2. You are able to compare between bursaries vs other financial assistence, such as loans, internships, aprenticeships, etc
  3. You know exactly about what to expect when you complete your studies. As some busraries providers will requre you to work at their companies after studies for a certain period of years. So you get to know in advance where your first job will be.

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