writing Course in South Africa

The Write Journey Short Course

A course for budding screenwriters

Following in the tradition of 19-years-of-workshops throughout South Africa, The Write Journey short course is ideal for aspirant screenwriters who would like to sharpen their storytelling skills and explores the fine art of writing visual narrative, mastering the skill of plotting and structure, and developing and exploring ideas and characters.

The Write Journey Short Course is divided into 4 sessions and can be completed within 4 weeks!

If you are a first-time screenwriter, this workshop explores the fundamentals of what it takes to be a screenwriter in South Africa.

  • You will explore the fine art of writing visual narrative
  • Master the skill of plotting and structure
  • Develop and craft ideas and characters.
  • Journey into the world of story
  • Take ownership of the creative journey, and creative expression.

The Write Journey is ideal for first-time writers who would like to define their writing skills, and also recommended for seasoned writers who are trapped in the web of re-writes and unfinished projects, or lost in the maze of the daunting writing process.

  • At the end of the course you will write the first 10 pages of your screenplay that will be evaluated by your writing coach Daniel Dercksen, and have the option to develop and complete a draft that will be evaluated by The Write Agency, and then forwarded to potential producers locally and internationally.

After 4 Sessions you will know what it takes to be a screenwriter and write a screenplay.

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