Three Emotional Effects of Cyberbullying

Three Emotional Effects of Cyberbullying: Bullying in its true nature, has always existed for decades. Ranging from family, schools to social gatherings, and also at work, people have bullied one another. As the Internet evolution becomes more dominant, bullying has even taken on a new form which happens online, and that is Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a significant stressor, more especially in the youth. Furthermore, research shows that 32% of kids who are targets of cyberbullying report experiencing at least one symptom of stress (Nixon).

Who is a cyberbully?

A cyberbully is a person who:

  • has difficulty feeling empathy for others.
  • uses cyberbullying to feel more powerful than they think they are.
  • bullies online in an attempt to gain popularity.
  • thinks that their peers are engaging in this behavior, so they do it too.
  • had a poorer upbringing.
  • are not monitored by a adults or parents while online

How to Beat Cyberbullies, Watch Video

Three Common Emotional Effects of Cyberbullying

Bellow are the most common forms of emotional effects of cyberbullying:

  • Higher rates of depression and anxiety
  • Reduced feelings of self-worth
  • Increased suicide attempts

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