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Top 5 Logistics Courses to enroll for in South Africa 2018/2019

Top 5 Logistics Courses to enroll for in South Africa 2018/2019

Do you want to enroll for a Logistics and Supply Chain Course in South Africa? We have compiled a list of the best Logistics and Supply Chain in South Africa from reputable Institutions.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from The IIE Rosebank College

As the world pursues gobalisation at a rapid pace, this IIE qualification will prove to be very valuable. Qualified practitioners in this field will therefore have access to employment opportunities across the world. This qualification aims to produce learners that will be able to apply their knowledge of logistics and the supply chain at a high level and make significant contributions to their companies through the streamlining of the supply chain process…View Course 

Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management Course from Mancosa

This qualification offers a combination of theory and practice in the area of supply chain management. The qualification aims to develop an integrated conceptual understanding, synthesis and application of specific issues in supply chain management. The qualification will develop management and planning skills, and provide participants with knowledge of economics…View Course

Strategic Logistics Management Course from Damelin

Logistics Management improves the efficiency of each department within a business by streamlining its operations and costs and therefore increasing its profitability. The programme in Strategic Logistics Management covers all aspects of strategic logistics management: From theories to strategies and operational guidelines, emphasising the impact of this discipline on customer service, transportation, warehousing, order processing, purchasing, importing and exporting….View Course

Diploma in Road Transport Management at Unisa

A practical approach is followed empowering qualifiers to make rational decisions in a road transport business and to contribute to the community by ensuring the continuous availability of the transport services at the lowest possible costs. Although much emphasis is placed on road freight transport, the principle that are taught in the programme are directly applicable to the passenger transport industry…View Course

Diploma in Road Transport Management at UJ

This qualification provides students with the opportunity to improve their career advancement prospects in the road freight or road passenger transport industry. Most transport companies specify this qualification as a requirement for appointment or promotion…View Course

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