UJ APS Score Requirements for Teaching

Why are specific APS scores significant for teaching courses? What does it mean to have a particular grade in English or Mathematics? Let’s explore the University of Johannesburg’s admission requirements for their Bachelor of Education courses.

Why might one consider the University of Johannesburg (UJ) as a destination for studying teaching? What makes it stand out in the realm of teacher education?

The University of Johannesburg, often abbreviated as UJ, is one of South Africa’s premier educational institutions. Located in the heart of the country’s largest city, UJ boasts a rich history, a fusion of the legacy institutions that predates its 2005 establishment. The Faculty of Education at UJ is renowned for its commitment to producing educators who are not only academically sound but are also equipped to tackle the unique challenges posed by diverse classroom settings. The institution constantly reviews and updates its curriculum, ensuring that its teaching graduates are well-prepared for the evolving educational landscape of South Africa and beyond.

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Moreover, UJ’s approach to teacher education is holistic, fostering a blend of theory and practical experience. This ensures that student-teachers get hands-on exposure in real classroom settings, allowing them to practically apply their learned theories. The university’s partnerships with various schools in and around Johannesburg facilitate this experiential learning. The faculty’s research-driven approach, coupled with a commitment to community engagement, positions UJ as a thought leader in the field of education. Potential students often find UJ’s blend of robust academic offerings, practical experience, and its focus on community relevance an attractive proposition for their teaching aspirations.

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UJ APS Score Requirements for Teaching

  • Bachelor of Education in Senior Phase and FET Teaching To secure a spot in this programme, prospective students need an APS score of 26. Moreover, they should have a score of 5 (60%+) or 6 (70%+) in English 1st or 2nd Additional Language. Additionally, a mark of 4 (50%+) in Mathematics is required.
  • BEd in Foundation Phase Teaching (Grade R-3) For those interested in shaping the early years of learners, this course has set the bar at an APS of 26. In terms of language proficiency, a 5 (60%+) in English Home Language or a 6 (70%+) in English 1st or 2nd Additional Language is needed.
  • BEd in Intermediate Phase Teaching (Grade 4-7) Navigating the intermediate phase requires an APS of 26. The linguistic competency remains consistent with a 5 (60%+) in English Home Language or a 6 (70%+) in English 1st or 2nd Additional Language. As for mathematical skills, either a 3 (40%+) in Mathematics or a 5 (60%+) in Mathematical Literacy or Technical Mathematics is expected.

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For those eager to learn more or to gather additional details about these courses and their requirements, it’s recommended to visit the official website of the University of Johannesburg’s Faculty of Education.

Does the emphasis on English and Mathematics proficiency highlight the significance of these subjects in the South African education system? Or is it a reflection of the skills deemed essential for future educators? What other attributes or skills might be crucial for someone venturing into the teaching profession? Such questions might prompt further exploration and understanding of the South African educational landscape.

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