Find Easy and Unique English Speech Topics suitable for Grade 11 | Class 11:

List of Unique English Speech Topics for Grade 11 | Class 11

  1. Is climate change really caused by human activity?
  2. What is the best way to reduce food waste?
  3. Should households be required to recycle by law?
  4. What is the best source of energy for the country?
  5. Should there be a higher tax on gasoline to pay for the environmental effects of driving?
  6. What is the best way to conserve water in South Africa (or any other country)?
  7. Should lower efficiency light bulbs and appliances be illegal?
  8. Are plastic bags worse than paper bags?
  9. Should new houses and building meet certain energy efficiency standards?
  10. Would a “Green New Deal” help or hurt America?
  11. Should people have a right to stop the construction of a wind farm near their homes?
  12. Has the internet made people less kind?
  13. Is net neutrality a positive thing? Why or why not?
  14. What should happen when automation replaces someone’s job?
  15. Will self-driving cars be a positive or negative development?
  16. Are video games always bad for kids?
  17. When does online interaction become internet bullying?
  18. How much should people share about themselves online?
  19. Should there be an age requirement for seeing certain types of content online?
  20. Does social media broaden perspectives or isolate viewpoints?
  21. What is the best way to tell whether something is real news or fake news?
  22. Should potential employers look up employees online?
  23. Class sizes make a big difference.
  24. Schools must get involved with obese students weight issues.
  25. All students should join the gym.
  26. Schools should offer rewards for good test scores.
  27. Cheerleading isn’t a sport.
  28. The media is to blame for the pressure of girls wanting perfect bodies.
  29. Mass-shooting in schools can be prevented.
  30. 16 is an appropriate age to start dating.
  31. The in crowd is usually the most insecure group.
  32. Failing is a blessing in disguise.
  33. Students do not know how to live in the moment.
  34. Fashion isn’t all that important.
  35. The methods used to deal with bullies are not effective.
  36. Private schools are not better than government schools.
  37. Co-ed schools are better than single-gender schools.
  38. Recess time must be extended.
  39. Standardized tests are not a measure of a students ability.
  40. Textbooks shouldn’t be replaced by technology in high schools.
  41. Students shouldn’t be graded for gym.
  42. Birth control should be available at schools.
  43. Cheating at school is getting worse.
  44. Sugary drinks should not be sold at school.
  45. Healthy school lunches are a lost cause.
  46. Boys hide their body image pressure.
  47. Smoking makes students outcasts.
  48. ‘Name and shame’ does not change teenage behaviour.
  49. Bystanders must be held responsible for not intervening when there is trouble at school.
  50. Gay students need older gay role models.
  51. It should be illegal for under 21’s to buy cigarettes.
  52. Grouping students by ability only benefit the smartest ones.
  53. Students are less religious than their parents.
  54. It is important to have a mix of friends to socialize with.
  55. Kids purposely make parenting hard.
  56. Helping a friend isn’t always good.
  57. Not every teacher has the ability to inspire students.
  58. High school kids don’t need helicopter parents.
  59. High schools don’t recognize a student’s full potential.
  60. Class sizes should not exceed 20 students.
  61. Extra online classes are worth it.
  62. School should be all year round.
  63. Parents embarrass their kids too much.
  64. Attractive students have an advantage over others.
  65. Students have no interest in government matters.
  66. Hard work is more important than talent.
  67. The morning after pill shouldn’t have an age restriction.
  68. High school is the best time of your life.
  69. High school is a waste of time.
  70. Should marijuana be legalized?
  71. Should parents be held legally responsible for their children’s actions?
  72. Should animals be given chemotherapy for cancer or should they be euthanized?
  73. Should volunteer work be mandatory in order to graduate from high school?
  74. Should students have to take mandatory drug tests?
  75. Should the Government be involved in internet censorship?
  76. Assisted suicide should be legalized.
  77. Will weapons of mass destruction one day bring about the end of the world?
  78. Mothers should stay at home with their kids.
  79. Why are vampires so popular with school kids?
  80. Teachers’ pay should be based on performance.
  81. Should adoption records stay sealed forever?
  82. Eating meat is detrimental to your health and to the planet.
  83. Television, video game and movie violence all contribute to greater juvenile crime rates.
  84. Students should be allowed to choose the school they attend.
  85. People should be allowed to sell their organs for transplants.
  86. Ancient methods of torture.
  87. Overuse of cell phones causes trauma in young brains.
  88. The voting age should be reduced to 16.
  89. Why you deserve an A in your course.
  90. Should any country be allowed to use torture to obtain intelligence information?
  91. Dependence on technology is making humanity less intelligent.

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