University of Johannesburg (UJ) Honours Application 2024: Postgraduate

On this page, you will find information about applying for your Honours Postgraduate Degree at University of Johannesburg (UJ) for 2024 studies, such as postgraduate closing date, postgraduate prospectus, and requirements for honours application at University of Johannesburg (UJ).

University of Johannesburg (UJ) Honours Application: Postgraduate

University of Johannesburg (UJ) Honours Application: A Comprehensive Guide

Embarking on postgraduate study is an exciting and transformative endeavour, and for many students, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) serves as an ideal destination. Known for its globally competitive courses, UJ boasts an academic environment that not only nurtures excellence, but also cultivates future leaders. This article provides comprehensive information on the application process for the Honours programme at the University of Johannesburg.

Honours Application Requirements

Admission to UJ’s Honours programmes is subject to specific criteria. Prospective applicants are advised to consult the relevant faculty/department yearbook to ensure that they meet the minimum entrance requirements. Notably, applicants can only apply for two study choices per academic year, and these selections cannot be changed once they have been submitted.

Honours Application process at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) involves several requirements and steps to ensure the applicant’s eligibility and preparedness for advanced academic study. Here is a more detailed breakdown:

  1. Academic Eligibility: The primary requirement is that applicants should have completed a relevant bachelor’s degree with a satisfactory level of academic achievement. The specifics of what constitutes a satisfactory level can vary by department or program. It’s therefore important to check with the specific department you’re interested in. Some departments may require a certain grade point average or scores in particular courses.
  2. Faculty Specific Requirements: Each faculty or department may have its own additional application requirements. These could include specific prerequisite courses, relevant work experience, a research proposal, or even a portfolio of work in some cases (such as in arts or design programs). Again, it’s important to check the specific requirements of the department or program you’re interested in.
  3. Limited Number of Study Choices: At UJ, applicants may only apply for two study choices per academic year. These study choices cannot be amended once they have been chosen.
  4. Documentation: Applicants need to provide certain documentation as part of the application process. This usually includes official transcripts, degree certificates, and sometimes a CV or resume. A motivation letter may also be required. If you’re transferring from another university, a full academic record/transcript and degree/diploma certificate would be needed.
  5. Language Proficiency: If English is not your first language, you may need to provide proof of proficiency in English. This usually takes the form of a satisfactory score on an English language test such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  6. Application Fees: While online applications are free of charge, hardcopy applications attract a fee of R200.00.
  7. Non-Academic Factors: Depending on the field of study, other factors may also be taken into account. For instance, for programmes in counselling or clinical psychology, applicants may need to demonstrate relevant personal qualities, such as interpersonal and communication skills, in an interview or through references.

Please remember that these requirements may vary slightly depending on the specific honours program to which you’re applying. Always refer to the program’s official information or contact the program’s administrative office for the most accurate and up-to-date requirements.

Honours Application Dates

All applications for the upcoming academic year should be submitted before 12:00 on 31 October 2023. The University of Johannesburg operates on a simultaneous admissions policy. This means that if an applicant qualifies for both study choices, they may be granted admission to both. However, the final decision on which qualification to pursue lies with the applicant.

Application Procedure

Applicants can choose between two application methods: online or via hardcopy. The online application is free of charge, while the hardcopy application requires a fee of R200.00.

For hardcopy applications, contact the UJ Call Centre at 011 559 4555 or send an email to

Before submitting your application, it is vital to visit the relevant faculty/department website to confirm any additional documentation requirements such as departmental application forms, CVs, motivational letters, or theses.

Applicants transferring from another university or tertiary institution are also required to upload their full academic record, as well as their degree or diploma certificate if applicable.

Beware of Scams

UJ advises applicants to be wary of individuals or companies claiming to represent the university or offer application assistance for a fee. Remember, online applications are free of charge, and no legitimate representative of the University of Johannesburg would request payment for this service.

Document Checklist and Requirements

When applying online, except for applicants currently in grade 12 or internal transfer/Senior applicants, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Certified copies of all required documents.
  • Ensure that the scanned file does not exceed 512KB.
  • Ensure documents are scanned in any of the following formats – tiff, pdf, jpg, or gif.
  • Each document must be scanned and uploaded as separate attachments.

If necessary, documents can also be emailed to with your provisional reference or student number in the subject line.

To apply online, follow this link:

Why Apply for an Honours Degree at UJ?

The University of Johannesburg offers a vibrant and enriching academic environment. Despite Advanced Diploma qualifications being administratively processed as postgraduate qualifications, they are classified as undergraduate. This makes Honours at UJ a crucial step towards further academic progression and offers students the opportunity to delve deeper into their chosen field. The diversity of disciplines available for study, coupled with the university’s commitment to research and innovation, make the University of Johannesburg an excellent choice for your postgraduate journey.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to make significant contributions to your field of study. Apply for an Honours degree at the University of Johannesburg today.

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