University of Kwazulu Natal Application forms

  • If you have been registered at UDW, UN or UKZN before and would like to complete your studies or enroll for another undergraduate programme, you must apply directly to UKZN.
  • If you would like to apply for undergraduate non-degree studies or for an undergraduate programme not listed in the CAO Handbook, you must apply directly to UKZN.
  • If you have not studied before and would like to apply for admission in the second semester of an academic year, you have to apply directly to UKZN. Only limited programmes will consider first time applicants for entry into semester 2.  Applications for semester 2 will only be considered if minimum requirements are met and  if spaces are available.

Application Procedures

  • Return your completed application form with all the required documents and proof of payment of an application fee to the address on the front cover to reach us before or on the closing date.• List your programme choices on page one of the application form.  Please write the name of the programme in full.
  • Provide your existing student number on page one of the application form if you have been registered before.
  • Indicate if you which to apply for financial assistance.
  • Indicate if you would like to be considered for accommodation in one of the UKZN residences.
  • Enclose application fee or attach proof of payment.
  • New applicants will be provided with a UKZN student number.
  • Your student number must be quoted in all correspondence/enquiries to the UKZN.
  • The UKZN will advise you of the outcome of your application in writing or by SMS.

Download  Application Form

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