What can I study with Maths Literacy, Life Science and Geography?

What can i study with Maths Literacy and Life Science and Geography:


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With a background in Maths Literacy, Life Sciences, and Geography, you have a broad foundation that can lead you into a diverse range of fields of study. Here are some possible options:

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What can I study with Maths Literacy, Life Science, and Geography?

With Maths Literacy, Life Science, and Geography, a student can study for careers such as an environmental scientist, where they can help solve environmental problems; an urban and regional planner, shaping sustainable and livable cities; a public health professional, contributing to community health initiatives; an agricultural manager, overseeing crop production and environmental control; a tourism officer, managing travel experiences based on geographical knowledge; a teacher, educating future generations in Maths Literacy, Life Sciences or Geography; or a sociologist, studying human social relationships and institutions. These potential careers highlight the versatile options available with this combination of subjects.

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Here are some possible options:

1. Environmental Science

These subjects provide a solid background for studying Environmental Science, a field that integrates physical, biological, and information sciences to study the environment and solve environmental problems.

2. Urban and Regional Planning

Your knowledge of Maths Literacy and Geography could be valuable if you decide to study Urban and Regional Planning. This course offers students the opportunity to design and shape the cities and regions of the future, making them more sustainable and liveable.

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3. Health Sciences

Life Sciences could prepare you for various Health Sciences programs, such as Nursing, Public Health, or Health Promotion. These programs may not require advanced maths, making Maths Literacy sufficient.

4. Agriculture

A degree in Agriculture could lead to a career in agricultural management, crop production, or environmental control. Your background in Life Sciences would be especially valuable here, while Maths Literacy could assist with the business management aspect.

5. Tourism

Your knowledge of Geography is a great asset if you are interested in pursuing a degree in Tourism. This industry requires a good understanding of different locations, cultures, and the environment.

6. Education

With a postgraduate degree in Education, you could become a teacher in one or several of your chosen subjects, namely Maths Literacy, Life Sciences, or Geography.

7. Social Sciences

The combination of Maths Literacy and Geography could serve as a good foundation for various Social Science degrees such as Sociology or Development Studies.

Remember, universities have different admission requirements, so it’s crucial to check the specific requirements for the course you’re interested in. While Maths Literacy, Life Sciences, and Geography provide a solid academic foundation, you should also consider your interests, talents, and career aspirations when choosing a course of study. Sometimes, additional training or further education might be required to pursue a particular career. Furthermore, while this list is a good starting point, there are numerous other degrees and career paths available.

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