What Percentage is a Distinction in South Africa?

What Percentage is a Distinction in South Africa? On this page, you will find out what is considered a distinction pass in Grade 12 (high school), and also in the universities.

What percentage is a distinction in a university in South Africa

A distinction percentage in a university in South Africa is generally 75% or above because this is the standard set by most South African universities to denote excellent academic performance. It reflects a high level of understanding and application of the subject matter, showcasing the student’s in-depth knowledge and dedication to the subject. However, this may vary slightly between different universities, so it’s always a good idea to check the specific grading policies at the institution you’re interested in.

Most universities follow a model based on the British system. Thus, at the University of Cape Town and the University of South Africa (UNISA), the percentages are calibrated as follows: a 1st class pass is given for 75% and above, a second (division one) for 70 – 74%, a second (division two) for 60%-69%, and a third for 50 – 59%. Any lower than 40% is a fail. The University of the Witwatersrand considers an A to be 75% and above.

ScaleGrade DescriptionDivisionSymbol
75.00 – 100.00Distinction Pass: First ClassA
70.00 – 74.99Second ClassDivision OneB+
60.00 – 69.99Second ClassDivision TwoB
50.00 – 59.99Third ClassC
0.00 – 49.99FailF

What percentage is a distinction in high school in South Africa?

A distinction in South African high schools starts from 80% marks of a particular subject. In Grade 12, you can get a distinction on a particular subject and still not qualify for a bachelor’s pass. This is because a bachelor’s pass doesn’t depend on how many distinctions you have, but it depends on the following:

  • 40% + pass on a home language subject.
  • 50% + pass in 4 other subjects or more.
  • 30% + pass in any secondary language of your choice.

Matric Symbols Explained

  • To get an A, you need 80% – 100% pass marks
  • To get a B, you need 70% – 79% pass marks
  • To get a C, you need 60% – 69% pass marks
  • To get a D, you need 50% – 59%
  • To get an E, you need 40% – 49%
  • To get an F, you need 30% – 39%
  • To get a G, you need 0% – 29%

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