On this page, you will learn what subjects you should take in Grade 10 in order to become a Medical Doctor in South Africa.

The value of a Medical Doctor in our modern societies globally is one that keeps on entrenching itself in our daily lives and routines. This field keeps on redefining itself and always stays relevant as societies evolve. Picking this career field out of many other appealing career fields is one of the most envied choices by many students, simply because of its discriminatory nature. The medicine career path is followed by the Mathematics and Science students, yet amongst those, only the top students get admitted to universities after matric.

When it comes to subject choices, every grade 10 student should already know that the subjects selected in Grade 9, 10 and now Grade 11 will influence their career future. You will only get your NSC if you meet all the requirements for grades 10, 11 and 12 and have completed the school-based (internal) assessments as well as the external Grade 12 assessment.

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Required Subjects for medicine in South African Universities

Each university or medical school in South Africa may have their own unique set of requirements in order to gain admission to Medicine studies. However, the following are the general prerequisite subject combinations from grade 10 up to Grade 12, that will grant you access to study Medicine in South Africa:

  • English Home Language OR First Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Life Sciences AND/OR Physical Science

In terms of what APS score is required to study medicine, universities allocate scores differently to the final matric subjects results.

The APS system gives possible points for the marks that you get in your NSC examinations. Admission to higher learning institutions depends on the total number of points you obtain.

For example, Wits university might have higher APS score requirements for medicine studies than the University of Cape Town. Learners should evaluate all the requirements at various universities and also apply to more than one university for medicine studies.

Some universities such as Wits, will require prospective learners to write an NBT test, where their results thereof will determine if they get accepted or not.

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