Where Can I Upgrade My Matric Results for Free?

A Matric certificate, often referred to as a high school diploma in some countries, is a crucial document that opens doors to various opportunities in education and employment. However, not everyone achieves the desired results on their first attempt, and some may wonder if there are ways to upgrade their Matric results for free. While there are avenues to improve your Matric results, it’s essential to understand the options available and the associated costs, if any. There are several places in South Africa that offer matric upgrade courses for free. Here’s a list to guide you on your journey to educational success.

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Where Can I Upgrade My Matric Results for Free: Top Places to Boost Your Results

You can upgrade your matric results for free at several reputable institutions across South Africa. Khanyisa Education and Development Trust in Johannesburg and Community Education and Training Colleges (CETC) nationwide are two such places that offer free matric upgrade courses. Similarly, the OLICO Foundation in Diepsloot, Gauteng, provides free maths matric upgrades, and IkamvaYouth has multiple locations offering a range of free educational support, including matric upgrades. The Thandulwazi Maths & Science Academy also in Johannesburg offers free Saturday classes aimed at improving your maths and science grades. Lastly, for those interested in online courses, the FunDza Literacy Trust offers free programmes aimed at improving your matric scores. These institutions provide a valuable opportunity for South African learners to improve their educational outcomes without financial burden.

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Khanyisa Education and Development Trust

Website: Khanyisa Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Khanyisa offers various educational services, including free matric upgrades. With a proven track record of academic excellence, they aim to support learners in achieving their dreams.

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Community Education and Training Colleges (CETC)

Website: Department of Higher Education and Training Locations: Nationwide
Run by the Department of Higher Education and Training, these colleges offer adult learners the chance to complete or improve their matric qualification for free.

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OLICO Foundation

Website: OLICO Location: Diepsloot, Gauteng
OLICO Foundation is focused on maths education and offers free matric maths upgrade courses. This can be a significant boost if you’re looking to improve your maths marks.


Website: IkamvaYouth Locations: Multiple locations across South Africa
IkamvaYouth provides educational support to learners, including free matric upgrades. They have branches in various provinces, making it accessible to a larger number of students.

The Thandulwazi Maths & Science Academy

Website: Thandulwazi Location: Johannesburg, Gauteng
Thandulwazi offers Saturday classes to Grade 12 learners, helping them to upgrade their matric maths and science marks at no cost.

The FunDza Literacy Trust

Website: FunDza Location: Online
FunDza offers free online courses, including those aimed at improving matric results. Their programmes are particularly helpful for those who prefer distance learning.

Go for Gold

Website: Go for Gold Locations: Cape Town, Western Cape
Aimed at producing the next generation of engineers, Go for Gold also offers free matric upgrade programmes, particularly in Maths and Science.

In a nutshell, upgrading your matric results doesn’t have to be a costly affair. South Africa offers a range of free programmes through reputable organisations like Khanyisa Education and Development Trust, Community Education and Training Colleges, and OLICO Foundation, among others. Whether you’re looking to improve your maths, science, or general matric marks, these institutions provide quality education at no cost. Don’t let financial constraints hold you back; seize these opportunities and elevate your academic profile today.