APS Score Requirements for Law studies at UJ (2024) – Full Explanation

Find out what APS score is required to study law at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in 2024. The University of Johannesburg is one of the most popular universities when it comes to legal studies. The reason for this is that their LLB Degree is very appealing to most students. The other reason for this can be linked to the most affordable study fees for law students as compared to other universities of the same stature.


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  1. Minimum APS Required: Law studies at UJ require a minimum APS of 28.
  2. English Proficiency: A score of 5 or above in English is usually mandatory.
  3. Other Languages: Additional language scores also contribute significantly.
  4. Excluding Life Orientation: APS is calculated excluding Life Orientation for Law.
  5. Key Subjects: Focus on achieving high scores in subjects like History and Geography, which are relevant to Law.
  6. Mathematics or Maths Literacy: Either is acceptable, but Mathematics is often preferred.
  7. Top Six Subjects: Your best six Matric subject scores are considered for the APS.
  8. Consistency in Performance: Consistent high performance in all subjects is advantageous.
  9. Admission Test: UJ may require the National Benchmark Test (NBT) for Law applicants.
  10. Competitive Nature: High demand for Law means higher actual APS scores strengthen your application.
  11. Yearly Variations: The APS threshold may vary each year based on the applicant pool and capacity.

Remember, achieving the minimum APS is the first step, but due to the competitive nature of Law studies, higher scores are always beneficial. Keep up to date with UJ’s specific requirements as they can change annually.

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APS Score – Gateway for Law Studies at UJ

Your APS score will determine if you will be studying law at UJ. You should always remember that different scoring systems exist for each university in South Africa. So it helps to compare UJ required law scores with other universities.

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UJ APS Score Admission requirements

  1. Students must possess a National Senior Certificate (NSC) endorsed with admission to a bachelor’s degree and must have achieved a minimum Admissions Points Score (APS) of 27 (with Mathematics) or 28 (with Mathematical Literacy). The APS and the GES are based on the achievement rating of each subject as indicated above and are the sum of the achievement ratings of the seven school subjects, keeping in mind that the performance rating achieved for Life Orientation must be divided by two.
  2. Prospective students currently in Grade 12 will be considered for admission to study at the University based on a Grade Eleven Score (GES) that is calculated in the same way as the APS using the final achievement ratings of the Grade 11 subjects. Any student who has been admitted on the Grade 11 results will have to satisfy the minimum admission requirements in Grade 12 for registration for the relevant qualification as laid down by the University.

APS score for BA Law (3 years degree)

APS score for BCOM Law (3 years degree)

  • Minimum APS score: 28 with MAthematics or 29 with MAthematical Literacy
  • Mathematics: 4(50% +)
  • Mathematical Literacy: not accepted
  • English: 5 (60%+)
  • Additional Language: 4 (50%+)

APS score for LLB (4 years degree)

  • Minimum APS score: 28 with MAthematics or 29 with MAthematical Literacy
  • Mathematics: 3 (40% +)
  • Mathematical Literacy 4 (50%+)
  • English: 5 (60%+)
  • Additional Language: 4 (50%+)
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Many reasons to study Law at UJ

  • Contributing to the Faculty’s outstanding academic results is a highly qualified and motivated team of lecturers, boasting master’s and doctoral degrees in abundance.
  • The UJ Faculty of Law has strong ties with some of the largest and most prestigious law firms in the country.
  • The UJ Faculty of Law has effective mentor and tutor systems in place to help students succeed in their current and future legal studies.
  • The Faculty of Law boasts a world-class law library.
  • In the module, Applied Legal Studies, final-year LLB students obtain practical training and experience through real-life situations and working with real clients.
  • Students participate in moot court competitions annually. UJ has always performed exceptionally well at these competitions, both nationally and internationally.
  • Students study law in the economic hub of Africa.
  • Our sterling master’s degree programmes combine academic research with some of the specialised fields of legal and commercial practice, empowering students to participate authoritatively in their chosen fields.
  • Unique study opportunities are available to students through international exchange programmes at overseas universities.
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