Do you want to study Interior Design Part-time in South Africa in 2024? If you are entirely fascinated about applying your creative skills to existing living spaces and you love all the ins and outs of being an Interior Designer, there are plenty of options to enroll for your next Interior Design course that you can study part-time (Short Courses) in South Africa( Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban).

There are several factors that make interior design courses more appealing for South Africans:

  1. Growing economy: South Africa has a growing economy, which has led to increased demand for residential and commercial spaces. This growth creates opportunities for interior designers to create functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces for a wide range of clients.
  2. Cultural diversity: South Africa is a country with rich cultural diversity, which influences the tastes and preferences of its people. Interior design courses allow individuals to express their creativity and incorporate various cultural elements into their work.
  3. Global influence: South African interior designers are increasingly exposed to global design trends through the internet and social media. This exposure fuels their curiosity and desire to learn about the latest interior design techniques and styles.
  4. Accessibility of education: The availability of interior design courses in South Africa, both online and in traditional institutions, has increased over the years. This increased accessibility makes it easier for individuals to pursue their passion for interior design.
  5. Career opportunities: A growing market for interior design services in South Africa means that there are more opportunities for qualified professionals. Pursuing an interior design course can open up a range of career paths in residential, commercial, or hospitality design.
  6. Entrepreneurship: Many South Africans have an entrepreneurial spirit, and interior design offers a platform for individuals to establish their own businesses or work as freelance designers.
  7. Sustainable design: South Africa is facing environmental challenges, such as water scarcity and energy shortages. Interior design courses that focus on sustainable design practices are appealing to South Africans who want to contribute to creating a more eco-friendly built environment.
  8. Personal fulfillment: Finally, many South Africans are attracted to interior design courses for the personal fulfillment they offer. The ability to create beautiful and functional spaces can be deeply satisfying and rewarding.

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List of 3 Best Part-time Interior Design Courses in South Africa

Below are the list of the most recommended Interior Design courses taht you can study part-time in South Africa:

1. The Interior Design Diploma – The Interior Design Institute

The Interior Design Diploma Course is delivered online, consisting of 12 comprehensive modules and 12 corresponding interactive assignments. The course is designed to be self-paced. Normally you would expect to be dedicating on average about 4-6 hours per week for 24 weeks. However, many students take up to one year to complete their studies because of family or work commitment. Read more

2. Interior Design online short course – Get Smarter

In just 8 weeks, you’ll walk away with:

  • The confidence to utilise a transferable, creative skill set in your current industry or to enter into the world of interior design.
  • Practical skills to create beautiful spaces, with a respected proficiency in the 3D modelling programme, SketchUp.
  • The foundational interior design knowledge needed to increase your marketability in the industry and grow your own business

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3. Diploma in Interior Design – Inscape Education Group

Junior interior designers with this qualification are proficient in CAD and rendering software. They are clued up on relevant industry materials and services, as well as related construction methods, application and installation. Graduates confidently present visually pleasing design solutions. They are team players, working effectively with other designers and personnel on every level. This qualification gives you an exciting range of employment opportunities.
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