Post Level 1 Teacher Job Description and Details

In the diverse educational landscape of South Africa, Post Level 1 Educators play a critical role in shaping the minds and futures of the young generation. They lay the foundation for the academic and personal development of learners. Understanding the responsibilities and expectations of a Post Level 1 Educator is essential for both aspiring teachers and educational institutions seeking to hire committed and competent professionals.

The job of a Post Level 1 Educator involves a plethora of tasks ranging from classroom teaching to administrative responsibilities. Being on the frontline of education, these educators are not only imparting knowledge but are also instrumental in building character, instilling values, and nurturing talents among students.

This job description provides an in-depth look at the roles, responsibilities, and qualifications required for a Post Level 1 Educator in South Africa. It serves as a comprehensive guide for candidates interested in pursuing a career in education and for institutions aiming to uphold the highest standards in hiring practices.

Read on to delve into the various facets of being a Post Level 1 Educator, as we explore the key result areas, formal qualifications, and inherent requirements of this pivotal role in the South African education system.

Post Level 1 Teacher Job Description

Job Title: Educator

Component/School: [Specify School/Component]

Post/Salary Level: Post Level 1

Job Overview

As a Post Level 1 Educator, the candidate is expected to engage in classroom teaching and address various academic, administrative, educational, and disciplinary aspects. The educator is also responsible for organizing extra- and co-curricular activities to ensure the wholesome education of learners.

Formal Qualifications and Requirements

Essential Qualifications

  • A recognized three-year qualification (REQV 13) which includes professional educator education.
  • Registration as a professional educator with the South African Council for Educators or proof of application for registration.

Recommended Qualifications

  • A four-year qualification (REQV 14) which includes professional educator education.

Duties and Responsibilities

Key Result Area (KRA) 1: Teaching Duties

  • Engage in classroom teaching that promotes purposeful progression in learning, aligned with the learning areas and programs of subjects and grades.
  • Serve as a class educator.
  • Prepare lessons considering orientation, regional courses, innovative approaches, techniques, evaluations, and educational aids.
  • Assume leadership roles concerning the subject, learning area, or phase when required.
  • Plan, coordinate, administer, evaluate, and report on students’ academic progress.
  • Employ various strategies to meet curriculum outcomes, recognizing learning as an active process.
  • Create a stimulating and engaging learning environment.
  • Utilize students’ experiences as valuable resources for learning.

KRA 2: Extra- and Co-curricular Duties

  • Assist the department head in identifying and addressing areas that require special attention.
  • Cater to the educational and general welfare of learners.
  • Support the principal in managing learner counseling, career guidance, discipline, and the general welfare of learners.

KRA 3: General/Administrative Duties

  • Coordinate and oversee the academic activities for each subject taught.
  • Manage and coordinate educational stock and equipment.
  • Perform or assist with various non-teaching administrative tasks including:
    • Secretary for staff meetings.
    • Fire drill coordination and first aid.
    • Timetable management.
    • Collection of fees and other financial transactions.
    • Staff welfare management.
    • Accident handling.

KRA 4: Interaction with Stakeholders

  • Participate in school/educator appraisal processes (Integrated Quality Management System) to review and improve professional practices.
  • Contribute to the professional development of colleagues by sharing knowledge and resources.
  • Stay informed about current trends in education and curriculum development.
  • Participate in the school’s governing body if elected.

KRA 5: Communication Duties

  • Collaborate with colleagues to maintain high teaching standards and administrative efficiency.
  • Work with educators from other schools in organizing and conducting extra- and co-curricular activities.
  • Communicate with parents regarding their children’s performance and behavior.
  • Participate in departmental committees, seminars, and courses.
  • Maintain relationships with sports, social, cultural, and community organizations.
  • Represent the school in communications with the public under the direction of the principal.

The Post Level 1 Educator is a vital role that requires dedication, professionalism, and a commitment to the educational development of learners. The educator should be adaptive, collaborative, and focused on delivering quality education in accordance with the national standards and the school’s goals.

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