On this page, we discuss the path of the tropical cyclone Eloise. Tropical Cyclone Eloise was the strongest tropical cyclone to impact the country of Mozambique since Cyclone Kenneth in 2019 and the second of three consecutive tropical cyclones to impact Mozambique in the 2020–21 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season.

The Path of the Tropical Cyclone Eloise on a Map

The Path of the Tropical Cyclone Eloise

Eloise developed into a tropical depression on 16 January, and strengthened into a tropical storm on 17 January. On the following day, the storm intensified to a severe tropical storm. Late on 19 January, Eloise made landfall in northern Madagascar as a moderate tropical storm. The storm traversed the island of Madagascar and entered the Mozambique Channel in the early hours of 21 January. After moving southwestward across the Mozambique Channel for an additional 2 days, Eloise strengthened into a Category 1-equivalent cyclone, due to low wind shear and high sea surface temperatures. Early on 23 January, Eloise peaked as a Category 2-equivalent tropical cyclone with 10-minute sustained winds of 150 km/h), 1-minute sustained winds of 165 km/h, and a minimum central pressure of 967millibars. Shortly afterward, Eloise made landfall just north of Beira, Mozambique, before rapidly weakening into a moderate tropical storm. She then moved south-westwards over Zimbabwe and Botswana before dissipating over southern Botswana on 26 January 2021.

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