UJ Registration Dates for 2024

UJ Registration Dates for 2024: Ready to kickstart your academic journey or continue your adventure at the University of Johannesburg (UJ)? Well, mark your calendars and set your alarms, because the UJ registration window for 2024 is opening soon! From the 19th of January to the 9th of February 2024, it’s your chance to secure your spot for an amazing year of learning and growth. Whether you’re a first-year student eager to start or a returning student looking to build on your success, this is the moment to get everything lined up for another incredible year at UJ. Let’s dive into all the details and make sure you’re fully prepped for the registration rush!

UJ Registration Dates

First Year Students, It’s Your Time!

  • Registration Period: Opens on 19 January 2024 and closes on 9 February 2024.
  • How to Register: It’s all happening online, off-campus. So, get comfy at home and get it done.
  • Pro Tip: Register early! Those first few days are crucial as programs fill up fast. Remember, spaces can’t be guaranteed, so the sooner, the better.

Welcome Back, Senior and Returning Students!

  • Registration Window: You can register from 15 January 2024 until 9 February 2024.
  • Registration Mode: Just like the newbies, your registration is also online and off-campus. Easy and convenient!

International Students, Here’s Your Schedule:

  • Registration Compliance Clearance: Starts on the 2nd of January 2024. Make sure you’re all set with your documents and requirements.
  • Registration Opens: Get ready to register starting on the 8th of January 2024.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on These Dates

Registration at UJ is like grabbing the best seat in a movie theater – the earlier you do it, the better your experience. By registering early, you secure your spot in the courses you want and start your year stress-free.

So there you have it! The UJ registration dates for 2024 are set, and it’s your chance to make the next academic year your best one yet. Get ready, set your alarms, and let’s make it happen. Welcome to another exciting year at UJ!

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