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Elevate Your Univen Experience with myACCESS

myACCESS serves as the gateway for both students and staff to seamlessly navigate through the University of Venda’s (Univen) wealth of information services. Designed with the aim of enhancing your educational journey, the Univen myAccess portal stands as a cornerstone for a fulfilling, enriching, and streamlined learning experience at Univen. Here’s a closer look at how myACCESS transforms your academic pursuits into an effortlessly manageable and enjoyable venture.

Key Features of myACCESS:

  • Online Registration: Begin your academic year with ease by registering for your courses online through myACCESS. This feature ensures a smooth start to your studies, allowing you to register from the comfort of your home.
  • View Results Online: Stay updated with your academic progress by viewing your examination and assignment results as soon as they are released.
  • Personal Details Management: Keep your personal details up to date with the option to view and modify your information online, ensuring the university has the latest data on file.
  • Account Balance Inquiry: Access your financial status with the university, including tuition fees and any outstanding balances, enabling better financial planning.
  • Online Payment Facility: Simplify your payment process by settling your account balances online, providing a secure and convenient way to manage your finances.
  • Academic Record Access: Review your academic achievements and history anytime, giving you a comprehensive overview of your academic journey at Univen.

Getting Started with myACCESS:

To log into your myACCESS account or to retrieve forgotten login credentials, please visit the following links:

For guidance on how to update your contact details on myACCESS, ensuring the university can reach you with important information and updates, click here.

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Need Assistance?

Should you encounter any challenges or require further assistance with myACCESS, our dedicated ICT Help Desk Support team is ready to assist you. For support, click here to contact ICT help desk support.

Embrace the convenience and efficiency offered by myACCESS to enhance your Univen experience, making every step of your academic journey both enjoyable and hassle-free.