14+ Abiotic Components of the Ecosystem and Types

On this page, we discuss 14+ abiotic components of the ecosystem and their types. We will also differentiate between biotic and abiotic components.

Understanding the difference between Abiotic and Biotic Factors

  • Abiotic components are the physical and/or chemical factors that act on living organisms at any part of their life.
  • Biotic components are the living components of an ecosystem, which include plants, animals, as well as fungi and bacteria. 

List of 14+ Abiotic Components of the Ecosystem and Types

Aquatic abiotic components:

  • water pH, 
  • sunlight,
  • turbidity,
  • water depth,
  • salinity,
  • available nutrients
  • dissolved oxygen

Terrestrial abiotic components:

  • soil, 
  • soil types, 
  • temperature, 
  • rain,
  • altitude, 
  • wind,
  • nutrients,
  • sunlight 

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