Active Citizenship Learning Resources: Notes, Questions and Answers with Guides

On this page, you will find Active Citizenship syllabus learning resources aimed at helping the Universities and College Students who are currently busy with their studies. The resources for Active Citizenship, include Practice Exam Questions and Answers, Previous Exam and Test Papers with answers (where possible), Study Guides and Textbooks, Video Lessons, and more.

The Purpose of Learning Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship studies make students aware of the importance of citizenship, specifically active citizenship in a democracy, and its impact on their own lives and on the lives of others. The keyword here is awareness.

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Active Citizenship Questions and Answers

Below are some of the major common questions (essay and short questions), which Active Citizenship must know the answers to, before preparing for exams and tests assessments:

  1. Why is global citizenship relevant today?
  2. Does global citizenship education belong exclusively to tertiary education?
  3. How do global citizens affect the world?
  4. How to promote active citizenship?
  5. Why is citizenship often regarded as the solution to a country’s ills?

Useful Textbooks and Study guides for Active Citizenship learners

Below you will find a list of recommended textbooks and study guides for Active Citizenship.

Downloadable Notes and Resources

Download Active Citizenship notes on pdf below from Teachers, Lecturers, Professors, and Course Instructors:


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