Advanced Database Learning Resources: Notes, Questions and Answers with Guides

On this page, you will find Advanced Database syllabus learning resources aimed at helping the Universities and College Students who are currently busy with their studies. The resources for Advanced Database, include Practice Exam Questions and Answers, Previous Exam and Test Papers with answers (where possible), Study Guides and Textbooks, Video Lessons, and more.

The Purpose of Learning Advanced Database

The main aim of Advanced Database Analysis is to cover advanced aspects of database management systems including advanced normalization and denormalisation, query optimisation, object-oriented and object-relational databases, data warehousing, data mining, distributed databases, XML, XSL, and databases for web applications. There is extensive coverage of Structured Query Language (SQL) and database instance tuning. Students learn about the advanced object-relational features in DBMS such as Oracle, including navigational query, BLOBs and abstract data types.

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Advanced Database Questions and Answers

Below are some of the major common questions (essay and short questions), which Advanced Database must know the answers to, before preparing for exams and tests assessments:

  1. List the advantages, as well as the disadvantages of a relational database model.
  2. What is a business rule, and what is its purpose in data modeling?
  3. What are the main characteristics of good business rules in database
  4. Explain your understanding of the theory behind the relational data model as it applies to interactions with
    current database management systems
  5. Create reports, based on transactional data, including elements such as data groupings and
    summary values

Useful Textbooks and Study guides for Advanced Database learners

Below you will find a list of recommended textbooks and study guides for Advanced Database.

Downloadable Notes and Resources

Download Advanced Database notes on pdf below from Teachers, Lecturers, Professors, and Course Instructors:


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