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Agricultural Management Practices Grade 12 June 2023

Agricultural Technology Grade 12 2023 June exam question papers.


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Agricultural Management Practices Grade 12 June 2023 Questions and Answers

1.1.1: Direct Production Capital

Question: An example of direct production capital is:

  • A. Vehicles
  • B. Implements
  • C. Orchards in production
  • D. Fixed improvements

Correct Answer: C. Orchards in production

Explanation: Direct production capital refers to assets directly involved in the production process. Orchards in production, unlike vehicles, implements, or fixed improvements, are directly generating agricultural outputs, making them a primary example of direct production capital.

1.1.2: Seasonal Labour in Farming

Question: A typical example of farm work associated with seasonal labour is:

  • A. Feeding animals twice a day
  • B. Daily maintenance work
  • C. The harvesting of an annual fruit crop
  • D. Constructing a new cattle-handling facility

Correct Answer: C. The harvesting of an annual fruit crop

Explanation: Seasonal labour is often required for tasks that occur at specific times of the year, such as harvesting crops. Therefore, the harvesting of an annual fruit crop best exemplifies work that necessitates additional labour on a seasonal basis.

1.1.3: Soil Colour and Humus Content

Question: The soil colour that gives an indication of a high humus content:

  • A. Black
  • B. Red
  • C. Yellow
  • D. Grey

Correct Answer: A. Black

Explanation: Soil colour can be an indicator of its composition. Black soil is typically rich in organic matter, such as humus, which is essential for fertile soil and supports healthy plant growth.

1.1.4: Guiding a Farming Enterprise

Question: The statement that serves as a guideline to lead a farming enterprise into the future:

  • A. Marketing statement
  • B. Financial statement
  • C. Promotion statement
  • D. Vision statement

Correct Answer: D. Vision statement

Explanation: A vision statement outlines the long-term goals and aspirations of an enterprise, guiding its direction and decisions towards achieving these future objectives.

1.1.5: Online Marketing Systems

Question: The marketing system where trade can take place on several online platforms:

  • A. Internet marketing
  • B. Contract marketing
  • C. Farm gate marketing
  • D. Managed marketing

Correct Answer: A. Internet marketing

Explanation: Internet marketing enables transactions over multiple online platforms, providing a broad reach and flexibility not offered by more traditional or specific marketing systems.

1.1.6: Disciplinary Action for Equipment Mismanagement

Question: A worker forgot to hand in the equipment and only brought it back the next day. An appropriate disciplinary action for this situation will be:

  • A. A verbal warning
  • B. Withholding promotion
  • C. Withholding part of the salary
  • D. Dismissal

Correct Answer: A. A verbal warning

Explanation: A verbal warning is a reasonable first step in addressing minor infractions such as forgetting to return equipment, promoting accountability without resorting to excessive measures.

1.1.7: Future Action Financial Plan

Question: A written plan for future action, expressed in financial quantities, is known as a:

  • A. Trial balance
  • B. Balance Sheet
  • C. Budget
  • D. Business plan

Correct Answer: C. Budget

Explanation: A budget outlines the financial plan for future operations, detailing expected revenues, expenses, and the allocation of resources, essential for effective management and planning.

1.1.8: Knowledge of Expected Yield

Question: During the harvesting process, it is important for a farmer to know the expected yield. This knowledge will enable the farmer to:

  • A. Accurately predict the price of the product for the next season
  • B. Calculate the productivity of the labour
  • C. Plan a mechanisation strategy
  • D. Reconcile the possible income for budget control purposes

Correct Answer: D. Reconcile the possible income for budget control purposes

Explanation: Knowing the expected yield allows the farmer to estimate potential income, which is crucial for budgeting and financial management of the farming enterprise.

1.1.9: Packaging Information

Question: The information printed separately on the packaging of an agricultural product and not necessarily on the label:

  • A. Ingredients
  • B. Nutritional value
  • C. Expiry date
  • D. Producer’s name

Correct Answer: C. Expiry date

Explanation: The expiry date is often printed separately from the main label, providing consumers with essential information about the product’s shelf life, which is crucial for food safety and quality control.

1.1.10: Document Showing Profitability

Question: The preferred document used to show the profitability of an enterprise is the:

  • A. Balance Sheet
  • B. Income Statement
  • C. Inventory
  • D. Bank Statement

Correct Answer: B. Income Statement

Explanation: The Income Statement, or Profit and Loss Statement, details an enterprise’s revenues and expenses over a specific period, directly illustrating its profitability.

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