Agricultural Technology Grade 12 2023 May/June Past Papers and Memos PDF Download

Agricultural Technology Grade 12 June 2023 Exam Question Papers and Memorandum pdf download all provinces, including Limpopo, Gauteng, Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu Natal, Free State, North West, and Mpumalanga. Equip yourself with the resources to ace your exams, and remember – preparation is the key.

List of Agricultural Technology Grade 12 June 2023 Exam Question Papers and Memorandum pdf download

Are you ready to uncover the insights from the Agricultural Technology Grade 12 2023 June exam question papers? Let’s explore the questions, choices, and the rationale behind each correct answer.

1.1.1: Cutting Apparatus Technology

Question: The cutting apparatus that uses a tungsten electrode to carry an electrical arc for cutting metals is known as?

  • A. Water jet
  • B. Laser
  • C. Plasma
  • D. Oxyacetylene

Correct Answer: C. Plasma

Explanation: Plasma cutting technology utilises a tungsten electrode to create an electrical arc. The high velocity and temperature of the plasma allow it to cut through metals efficiently, distinguishing it from other methods listed.

1.1.2: Unsuitable Gas for Plasma Cutting

Question: Which one of the following gases is NOT suitable for use during the plasma-cutting process?

  • A. Acetylene
  • B. Nitrogen
  • C. Argon
  • D. Oxygen

Correct Answer: A. Acetylene

Explanation: Acetylene is not used in plasma cutting due to its highly flammable nature and the specific requirements of the plasma cutting process. Other gases like nitrogen, argon, and oxygen are more suitable for stabilising the plasma arc.

1.1.3: MIG Welding Advantage

Question: Which ONE of the following statements is NOT an advantage of MIG welding?

  • A. No need to change the electrode constantly
  • B. Can be used in windy conditions
  • C. The process is easily automated
  • D. Better welding pool visibility because of the absence of slag

Correct Answer: B. Can be used in windy conditions

Explanation: The main drawback of MIG welding is its susceptibility to wind, which can disperse the shielding gas and compromise the weld quality. The other options are indeed advantages of MIG welding.

1.1.4: Difficult Metal for Welding

Question: This type of metal makes welding difficult, and it is recommended that the surface area is removed with a grinder:

  • A. Titanium
  • B. Copper
  • C. Stainless steel
  • D. Galvanised metal

Correct Answer: D. Galvanised metal

Explanation: Galvanised metal poses challenges for welding due to the zinc coating, which can produce toxic fumes and impair weld quality. Pre-cleaning with a grinder is recommended to remove the coating from the weld area.

1.1.5: Inverter Welder Advantage

Question: An advantage of using an inverter welder is that it is:

  • A. No slag needs to be removed after the welding process.
  • B. Copper can be welded.
  • C. It is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • D. No electricity is needed.

Correct Answer: C. It is lightweight and easy to carry around.

Explanation: Inverter welders are prized for their portability and lightweight design, making them ideal for various welding tasks, unlike traditional welders which are heavier and less portable.

1.1.6: Hydroelectric Power Station Component

Question: The turbine that generates electrical energy in a hydroelectric power station is connected to a:

  • A. Generator
  • B. Stator
  • C. Photovoltaic cell
  • D. Solar cell

Correct Answer: A. Generator

Explanation: In hydroelectric power stations, the turbine converts the kinetic energy of flowing water into mechanical energy, which is then turned into electrical energy by the generator.

1.1.7: Septic Drain System Inspection

Question: This part of a septic drain system allows a person to inspect the inside of the drain system:

  • A. Distribution field
  • B. Manhole
  • C. Hopper
  • D. Baffle

Correct Answer: B. Manhole

Explanation: Manholes provide access to the septic system for inspection and maintenance, ensuring the system’s functionality and safety.

1.1.8: Combine Harvester Issue

Question: Excessive wind speed of a combine harvester causes:

  • A. Kernels to be blown out by the blower of the machine.
  • B. Kernels of different sizes to be collected in the collection bin.
  • C. V-belts to be thrown from their pulleys.
  • D. Kernels not being removed from the stalks.

Correct Answer: A. Kernels to be blown out by the blower of the machine.

Explanation: High wind speeds in a combine harvester can lead to the undesirable outcome of kernels being blown away from the collection point, affecting harvest efficiency.

1.1.9: Septic Drain Tank Safety

Question: A … prevents pressure build-up in the tank of a septic drain.

  • A. Ventilation opening
  • B. Flashback arrester
  • C. Type of bacterium
  • D. Venturi

Correct Answer: A. Ventilation opening

Explanation: Ventilation openings are crucial for preventing pressure build-up in septic tanks by allowing gases to escape, thus maintaining safety and efficiency.

1.1.10: Aquarium Glass Panels Adhesive

Question: The adhesive that is the most suitable for assembling the glass panels of an aquarium is:

  • A. Epoxy
  • B. Silicon
  • C. Resorcinol
  • D. Latex

Correct Answer: B. Silicon

Explanation: Silicon adhesive is preferred for assembling aquarium glass panels due to its waterproof properties and flexibility, ensuring a durable and leak-proof construction.

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