Best Meat Grading and Cutting Courses in South Africa

Best Meat Grading Courses in South Africa: The best Meat Cutting, Meat Grading, Meat Processing, and Butchery courses and training are offered by Abattoir Skills Training (Pty) Ltd.

Abattoir Skills Training (Pty) Ltd (AST) was established by the Red Meat Abattoir Association in accordance with the relevant legislation. AST conducts generic and specific food safety and quality training in the meat industry and related industries.

List of the Courses offered

Animal Handling4 Days242
Basic Introduction to the Abattoir Industry1 Day32
Deboning – Beef3 Days403
Deboning – Pork2 Days283
Deboning – Small Stock1 Day-*1
Introductory Abattoir Hygiene1 ½ Days112
Meat Inspection Course (Refresher)2 Days244
Slaughter Programme – Beef4 Days-*
Slaughter Programme – Pork3 Days-*
Slaughter Programme – Small Stock3 Days-*

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