Business Studies Grade 12 NSC Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam Topics and Structure Guide Syllabus

On this page you will find Business Studies Grade 12 NSC Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam Topics and Structure Guide from the CAPS syllabus.

The subject Business Studies deals with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values critical for informed, productive, ethical and responsible participation in the formal and informal economic sectors. The subject encompasses business principles, theory and practice that underpin the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, sustainable enterprises and economic growth.

Topics for Paper 1 and Paper 2 Business Studies Grade 12

Paper 1 Topics

Business Environments

This section involves an understanding of the micro, market, and macro environments, their interrelatedness, and the way they influence business operations. Students should be familiar with SWOT analysis and its implementation.

Macro Environment: Impact of Recent Legislation on Business

Students need to be aware of the latest legislation and regulations in South Africa that impact businesses. They should understand the repercussions of non-compliance and how businesses should adapt to changing legal frameworks.

Macro Environment: Business Strategies

Under this topic, students must comprehend how businesses form strategies to navigate their macro environment. This includes understanding the effects of political, economic, social, and technological factors on strategic planning.

Business Sectors and Their Environments

This topic delves into the various business sectors – primary, secondary, and tertiary – and their unique environments. Students need to grasp the challenges and opportunities each sector faces.

Business Operations

This section involves understanding various business operations including production, purchasing, marketing, financial and public relations functions. Knowledge of the principles of business operations and their contribution to efficient and effective business practices is essential.

Human Resources Function

This topic covers the role of the HR function in businesses, including recruitment, selection, induction, training and development, performance management, compensation and benefits.

Quality of Performance

In this section, students should understand the importance of quality in businesses. They should know about total quality management, quality assurance, and the role of quality in enhancing productivity and competitiveness.

Paper 2 Topics

Business Ventures

This topic includes understanding the concept of entrepreneurship, the process of starting a business, and essential entrepreneurial qualities.

Management and Leadership

Students should be able to distinguish between management and leadership, understand their roles and their significance in the success of a business.

Investment: Securities/Opportunities & Insurance

This topic covers various investment opportunities including bonds, shares, property, and other forms of securities. Students should also understand the concept of insurance as a form of investment and risk mitigation.

Forms of Ownership

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of ownership – sole proprietorship, partnership, private and public companies – and their contribution to business success or failure is vital.

Presentation and Data Response

Students should be able to present business data and interpret business scenarios accurately. They should be adept at using different graphical representations of data.

Business Roles

An understanding of the different roles within a business and their responsibilities is necessary for this topic.

Ethics and Professionalism

This section covers the concept of business ethics and professionalism. Students need to understand the importance of ethical conduct in business operations.

Creative Thinking and Problem-solving

The topic focuses on enhancing the students’ ability to think critically and creatively in problem-solving within the business context.

Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship

This involves understanding the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI). Students should be aware of the role businesses play in society and their responsibilities towards their stakeholders.

Human Rights, Inclusivity and Environmental Issues

Students need to understand how businesses can promote human rights, inclusivity, and contribute to environmental conservation.

Team Performance Assessment and Conflict Management

This topic includes understanding the dynamics of team performance, ways to assess it, and strategies to manage conflict within teams.

The Business Studies curriculum for Grade 12 is designed to prepare students for the business world, providing them with

the requisite knowledge and skills. In-depth understanding and application of these topics will help students successfully navigate the examination and their future business endeavours.

Forms of Ownership

It is crucial for students to delve deep into the various forms of ownership including sole proprietorship, partnerships, corporations, and cooperatives. Each form of business ownership has its own set of implications regarding liability, taxes, and the degree of control over the business. They should understand how these types of ownership can contribute to the success or failure of a business.

Ethics and Professionalism

This topic requires an understanding of ethical and professional behaviour in a business context. Students should comprehend the consequences of unethical practices and the benefits of maintaining high standards of professionalism.

Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving

The ability to think creatively and problem-solve is a fundamental business skill. Students need to learn how to generate novel ideas and solutions to business challenges and be able to apply different problem-solving techniques in various business scenarios.

Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship

In an age where businesses are expected to play a substantial role in social issues, understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is paramount. Students must grasp the business’s role in societal issues, how they can contribute positively to their communities and the benefits of doing so.

Human Rights, Inclusivity, and Environmental Issues

Businesses today are expected to respect human rights, champion inclusivity, and take a stand on environmental issues. Students should understand how businesses can promote these values and how ignoring these aspects can have detrimental effects.

Team Performance Assessment and Conflict Management

Understanding team dynamics is crucial in a business setting. Students should learn how to assess team performance, identify areas of improvement, and manage conflict effectively. They should be familiar with different conflict resolution strategies and their application in a business setting.

Exam Structure

Section A: (Compulsory)

Different types of short and objective questions using various assessment styles and covering the entire curriculum, e.g. multiple-choice, match columns, choose the correct word in brackets, etc.

(20 short questions x 2)

Section B

(three questions in this section must be answered)

(Choose any three of the five questions three questions of 60 marks each)

These questions should cover the entire curriculum. Answers should be in paragraph style. Rubrics can be used in the marking of this question, together with a marking memorandum. Applicable verbs, e.g. discuss, motivate, compare, differentiate, explain, etc. Case studies (scenarios) or source-based questions should be included.

Section C

set four questions covering the entire curriculum (use scenarios)

Choose any two of the four questions (two questions of 40 marks each)

These are higher cognitive questions which should assess insight and interpretation of theoretical knowledge. (E.g. design, plan, appraise, evaluate, etc.). Answers should be in paragraph style. A rubric can be used in the marking of this question, together with a marking memorandum.

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