Careers for Music with Pure Mathematics Subject Choice: Study Options

Let’s find out what career choices you are able to study at Universities or Colleges if you chose Music with Pure Mathematics Grade 10 -12 subjects.


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Careers for Music with Pure Mathematics Subject Choice: Study Options

Have you ever wondered what possibilities lie at the intersection of Music and Pure Mathematics?

Selecting Music and Pure Mathematics as part of your subject choices in Grades 10 to 12 in South Africa can lead to a harmonious blend of artistic expression and analytical thinking. This unique combination provides a foundation for various career paths that intertwine the precision of mathematics with the creativity of music. Let’s explore some of these exciting career opportunities and suggest additional subjects that may enhance your qualifications and readiness for these fields.

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1. Sound Engineering

  • Overview: Involves the technical aspects of recording, mixing, and producing audio and music.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Physical Sciences, to better understand acoustics and electronics.
  • Institutions: Colleges like Cape Audio College offer courses in sound engineering.

2. Music Production

  • Overview: Focuses on the creative process of producing music, from composition to the final product.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Information Technology, which can be beneficial for digital audio workstations and music software.
  • Institutions: Check out programmes at institutions like the Academy of Sound Engineering and the University of Cape Town.
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3. Music Technology

  • Overview: Combines music with technology, focusing on areas like music software development and digital music creation.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Computer Applications Technology (CAT) for foundational computing skills.
  • Institutions: Explore courses at universities like Stellenbosch University and the University of Pretoria.

4. Mathematical Music Theory

  • Overview: This field explores the mathematical structures and patterns in music, offering a unique blend of both subjects.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Advanced Programme Mathematics, for deeper mathematical analysis skills.
  • Institutions: Institutions like the University of the Witwatersrand and Rhodes University offer courses in this niche area.

5. Acoustical Engineering

  • Overview: Focuses on the control of sound and vibration, crucial in various industries from construction to automobile.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD) for an understanding of technical design and drawing.
  • Institutions: Consider courses at the University of Cape Town and the Tshwane University of Technology.

6. Music Therapy

7. Music Education

  • Overview: Involves teaching music in schools, universities, or private settings.
  • Recommended Additional Subject: An additional language can be advantageous for communication in diverse educational settings.
  • Institutions: Explore education faculties at universities such as the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the University of the Free State.

The combination of Music and Pure Mathematics not only offers you a unique perspective but also opens up a diverse range of career options. Remember, you can adjust your optional subjects in Grade 10 and 11, and once more in Grade 12, allowing you to tailor your high school education to your evolving interests and career goals. With this combination, you are well-positioned to explore careers that are at the forefront of creativity, technology, and analytical thinking. Let your passion for music and mathematics guide you towards a future where harmony and numbers create a symphony of opportunities.

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