UCT APS Score Calculations Guide

UCT APS Score Calculations Guide for Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees: For applicants writing the NSC we use an Admission Points Score (APS), a Faculty Points Score (FPS) and, in the case of South African applicants, a Weighted Points Score (WPS) to assess your performance at school. The scores are described in detail on the next pages.

The percentages achieved in NSC examinations (preliminary and final examinations) will be allocated an admissions score equal to that percentage.

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Applying to study at UCT for admission in 2023

How to Calculate APS Score at UCT

The Admission Point Score (APS) is a system used by the University of Cape Town (UCT) to determine the eligibility of applicants for undergraduate programs. The APS score is calculated based on the applicant’s performance in the National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams. Here are the steps to calculate your APS score at UCT:

  1. Determine your NSC results: The NSC exam results are provided by the Department of Basic Education. You will need your final exam results for all six subjects, including the percentage achieved in each subject and the level of the subject (higher or standard).
  2. Assign points to each subject: UCT uses a points system to assign a value to each NSC subject based on the percentage achieved and the level of the subject. For higher-level subjects, 7 points are awarded for a score of 90-100%, 6 points for 80-89%, and 5 points for 70-79%. For standard-level subjects, 5 points are awarded for a score of 80-100%, 4 points for 70-79%, and 3 points for 60-69%.
  3. Calculate your APS score: To calculate your APS score, add up the points awarded for all six NSC subjects. The maximum score is 42 (i.e. 7 points for each of the six subjects). Once you have your total points, use the UCT APS score conversion table to determine your final APS score.

It’s important to note that UCT may also consider other factors in addition to the APS score when making admission decisions, such as the number of applicants for a program and the availability of places. Also, the APS score required for admission can vary depending on the program and the level of competition. Therefore, it’s best to consult the UCT website or contact the Admissions Office for the most up-to-date information on admission requirements.

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