Dance studies Grade 12 NSC Exam Topics and Structure Guide Syllabus

On this page you will find Dance studies Grade 12 NSC Paper 1 and Paper 2 Exam Topics and Structure Guide from the CAPS syllabus.

Dance Studies has both a theoretical and a practical component. Learners acquire specific dance capabilities to create, express and communicate through dance. Dance Studies contributes to an appreciation of dance and an understanding of professional practice. This enables learners to pursue dancing and dance-related careers in the performing arts, entertainment, education, fitness and leisure industries.

Dance Studies uses daily dance practice, choreography and dance theory to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle and equips learners with crucial life skills, such as self-discipline, creativity, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork, all of which will benefit them in any field of interest.

Dance studies Grade 12 NSC Exam Topics

Dance Studies Paper 1 Marks: 100 Time: 3 hours The paper consists of TWO sections.

Section 1: Safe dance practice and health care:

  • Principles, purposes and processes of warming up and cooling down
  • Posture, stance and alignment
  • Synovial joints
  • Muscles and anatomical actions (optional question)
  • Structure, movement and safe use of the spine
  • Components of fitness: strength, flexibility, endurance, core stability, neuromuscular skills
  • Injury: causes, care and prevention
  • Benefits of good nutrition, balanced diet and hydration
  • Eating disorders, stereotyping
  • Mental health: tension, stress, relaxation, concentration

Section 2: Dance history and literacy:

  • Dance history
  • Functions and values of dance in society
  • Forms, principles and characteristics of dance major
  • Careers in dance and related industries
  • Choreographic structures and performance spaces
  • Dance production and marketing
  • Music elements, terms, instruments
  • Dance literacy: prescribed international and South African dance works, choreographers and composers

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