Drawbacks that campaigners should avoid for Social Media campaigns against human rights violations​

On this page we find out and discuss the drawbacks that campaigners should avoid in order to run a successful Social Media campaign against human rights violations​. Issues such as human rights violations (gender violence, discrimination, and bullying) are such sensitive topics that require caution. These are the issues that easily trigger negative emotions on people. When running social media campaigns on such sensitive issues, campaigners should ensure that they get guidance and education to avoid drawbacks and unintended negative impacts.

Possible Drawbacks of a Social Media Campaigns

A campaign aimed against human rights violations may itself turn into human rights violations if not handled properly. Possible drawbacks from such Social Media Campaigns are as follows:

  • Violation of human privacy
  • Cyberbullying
  • Discrimination
  • Criminal charges laid against the campaign

What Campaigners should avoid on Social Media

  • avoid satisfying the interests of advertisers (if any) in the public expenses.
  • avoid trying to entertain (through gossip, scandals, and violence) rather than informing the audience.
  • avoid invading the privacy of victims or other people
  • avoid exaggerating the issues at hand and making people afraid for no reason.
  • avoid being biased by ensuring that you know the facts
  • avoid being selective in your approach and give people the whole context regarding the issues at hand.

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