Economics Grade 11 Notes pdf download

Hello, Grade 11 learners. On this page, you will find Economics Grade 11 Notes in pdf format for download.

Economics Grade 11 Notes

Economics Grade 11 notes assist learners to do their revisions for every term (term 1, term 2, term 3and term 4), in a way. that is in line with CAPS curriculum of South Africa.

Term 1 Topics:

  • Factors of production and its remuneration Economic goods & services
  • Economic systems
  • South Africa’s economic structures

Term 2 Topics:

  • Relationships between markets
  • Effects of cost & revenue on price and quantities Price elasticity
  • Economic growth

Term 3 Topics:

  • Economic development
  • Poverty
  • money & banking
  • Economic growth and development: South Africa’s role and economic importance in Africa

Term 4 Topics:

  • Globalisation
  • Environmental deterioration

Economics Grade 11 Notes

Economics Grade 11 Question and Answer Worksheet

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