Financial Management NCV Level 4 Past Exam Papers & Learning Material

Financial Management NCV Level 4 Past Exam Papers with memorandums & Learning Material in pdf downloadable format for Term 1 (March) , Term 2 (June), Term 3 (September), and Term 4 (November). Financial Management entails the effective planning, organising, co-ordinating and controlling of the financial activities of a venture. Through sound financial management, entrepreneurs can achieve the primary aim of a business, namely to make a profit.
The venture’s capital needs can be determined by analysing and interpreting financial information from financial statements. In Financial Management, decisions are continually made, based on the information available, to plan and control the financial activities of the business. Financial activities and management do not function in isolation but are influenced by external and internal factors and environments.. Financial Management (Finance Economics And Accounting) is a  Level 4 subject.

This is a one year instructional programme comprising 200 teaching and learning hours. The subject may be offered on a part-time basis provided the candidate meets all the assessment requirements.
Course preparations should consider students with special education needs.

Financial Management Level 4 Past Exam Papers and Memos

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