On this page we will describe five common mistakes that learners make when studying for an examination and tests. When preparing for an exam, there are mistakes that have been identified as common among all students. Well, one thing for sure, exams are not that easy, they demand the best out of you. However, you can become a master of exam preparations and start acing those papers right away. You will become a master of exams by avoiding these common exam mistakes that most of the leaners fall prey for.

List of Five Common Mistakes Learners make when studying for an examination

Five Common Mistakes Learners make when studying for an examination and tests
Five Common Mistakes Learners make when studying for an examination and tests

#ONE: Spotting and Cramming

Some learners spot only some questions or cram too much information into their memory. To avoid this mistake, you should start revising long before the exams in order to be able to cover all the work. Plan your study time

#TWO: Arriving late and not prepared

Some learners arrive late to the exam or test venue. While some forget to bring the necessary stationery to write and complete the exam or test. To avoid this mistake, you should give yourself enough time to travel to the exam venue. Also, set a reminder on your phone before you leave home to remind you of the essential stationery for the exam.

#THREE: Failing to read instructions and scan through questions

Some learners fail to read the exam or test instructions properly. While others don’t even bother to scan through all questions before beginning to write. All learners should read the instructions and make sure of the number of questions they need to answer. Learners should also scan through a paper before they begin to write, because this helps them to identify and start with the easiest questions first.

#FOUR: Reading and writing too slowly

Some learners write read the exam questions very slooow. And guess what? Even when they write, they write very slooow. Well, the phrase “time waits for no man” , also applies during the exam. Learners should practice their reading and writing aiming to increase and improve their speed at all times. This skill will significantly benefit any person in the professional world in the long run.

#FIVE: Not sure how to start or end question

Some learners may struggle with how to start or end questions, which will take away all their precious little time to ace that paper. Well, don’t waste time by starting over and over again. The emphasis should be on the flow of your ideas and articulating all the important points of the answer on the paper. While at it, make sure paragraphs are coherent

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